Blood Secrets
Book 1 of The Mystics


Vampires are real.

So are lycanthropes, witches, warlocks, and other supernatural creatures called Mystics. For centuries, the world has lived in ignorant bliss of their existence.

Ignorance is not always bliss.

A secret government organization hunts down mystics one by one. Some agents kill their prey. Others have something more sadistic in mind:

Imprison mystics for lab experimentation.

Keisuke, a vampire from the 1800s, once fought in the last days of the samurai. Now, his friends are disappearing. He knows what those labs are like, for he was a prisoner in one, decades ago.

Since he was turned, Keisuke hates being a vampire.

A human woman named Emelina makes him feel human again. But the closer he gets, the more danger surrounds her, for Keisuke remains bonded to a cruel vampire master who can force him to do whatever he wishes.

Avoiding agents and his vampire coven while trying to rescue his companions is a challenge. Adding an innocent human woman to the mix makes it worse…

For Keisuke has fallen in love with her.

The Mystics is a nine-book supernatural suspense series filled with intrigue, twists, and forbidden romance, ideal for fans of K.F. Breene, Lindsay Hall, or Michelle Madow.

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Mask of Vengeance
Book 2 of the Mask of Illumination

Scarred by betrayal, revenge becomes an obsession. Can this thirst for vengeance be sated, or will it lead to ruin?

Now a member of the Cracked Gems, Lady Foonauri has become Jade: A thief stealing to make the world better. Haunted by her companion's betrayal, she pushes forward. In a dangerous city ruled by a crime boss, the Cracked Gems stand alone against twisted schemes, treacherous princesses, deadly warriors, and religious fanatics.

When a job goes bad, Jade comes face to face with the traitor. Garnet has returned for the Emerald Spear and is prepared to hunt down her former allies until they hand it over.

Fear and vengeance trouble the Cracked Gems. Jade wants to make Garnet pay for her betrayal. While the traitor possesses magic and is skilled with a sword, the Cracked Gems have their wits.

Will it be enough, or will Jade's desire for vengeance lead her group to disaster?

You'll be captivated by this tense fantasy tale involving passionate, driven, and troubled characters.

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A Tune of Demons Box Set: The Complete Fantasy Series


Welcome to a land where magic grows, demons and angels scheme, and chaos roams free.

Three young women, each gifted...or cursed. All three play a pivotal role in a struggle between angels, demons, and a realm of magic.

Fire's Song: Cursed by demons, Key must find a way to save her soul, while doing her best to avoid destroying all she has ever loved.

Spirit's Lullaby: As magic around Tella strengthens, the souls she touches grow restless. Do they long for something?
Will magic be the same when the dust settles?

Dreamer's Melody: Remi walks the world of dreams until she finds herself trapped in a nightmare. Unresolved loopholes lead her to a purgatory adventure that will shatter the realms.

A Tune of Demons follows three young women caught up in the twisted schemes of angels and demons, taking readers oh a spellbinding journey of love, magic, and redemption.

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The Resurgence of Light

Samael has most miraculously been saved from eternal darkness, and yet he teeters on the brink. The High Priest might be gone, but his terrifying taint still claws at the demon’s mind.


The Prime is struggling to resist the feral, unable to keep the state contained, while the priestess desperately searches for a way to aid him. But the taint is seemingly impossible to cleanse, and Anaya’s efforts only lead to more unanswered questions. To the point that she begins to place doubt in her prophesied fate.


Anguish engulfs the couple as they stand to face their most merciless challenge yet. While unrest abounds within the Panther tribe, foreboding rumours surface, threatening to end a centuries-old reign and bring the House of Fahd to its knees.


But the callous grip of peril is not limited to demons. In the wake of a madman’s quest for vengeance, the champions of Light are left adrift. The Priesthood is shattered, and the Temple village is left in ruins. The priests are lost in a world seemingly overrun by demons. As the survivors attempt to bring together what little forces they have, they know not where to turn.


Until they receive the most unlikely summons.


The Resurgence of Light is the third book in The Light of Darkness series and closely follows the events of The Path of Salvation. It shouldn’t be read as a standalone.

The Light of Darkness series is intended for a mature audience, containing sensitive subjects including violence, torture, consequences of sexual abuse, emotional scars, mature language, and steamy scenes.


The Light of Darkness is perfect for readers who enjoy visceral, gripping epic fantasy tales with dark undertones.



Heart of Tunise

(Heart of the Citadel Book 6)

A deranged dragon bent on revenge. A band of children with a taste for steel. Dark magic with underworld connections.

Plantations in the province of Tunise, famed for fertile soils and temperate climate, were an idyllic place to live…until the ascent of Emperor Madrid. One by one, the farms have fallen to the Citadel, the production of food now controlled by a cartel of merchants who answer to Madrid.

The Emperor’s eye has settled on the family of Parisa, the Heartbearer of Tunise. Past failures and future plans have given Madrid a burning desire for revenge – intent on making her pay for rebelling against his rule, for resistance to his will is futile and often deadly.

Citadel armies descend and flames rise as Tunise is put to the torch, including the beloved Oakwood forest, makeshift home to the child refugees of the salt mines of Shadra. A fruit farmer with past grudges against Madrid joins forces with Parisa to break the Citadel’s hold on her home province.

Madrid has his eye on two specific prizes and he will do anything to obtain them.

Even if it means a visit to the underworld.

Heart of Tunise continues the epic Heart of the Citadel saga, featuring heroine dragon riders in a rebellion against a power-hungry tyrant.

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Crystal War

Book 7


Time is up. The Darkness is ready to devour the realms. Is Crystal prepared to sacrifice herself to prevent the end of all she loves?

Dravyn has given Crystal one week to surrender to him, but she has no intention of doing so. She has little time to prepare. Anything could tips the scales as she teeters between victory and defeat.

One brother to redeem, another to find, families to protect, realms to rally, a dragon side to regain, a Queenship to accept, and the ‘god’ of life to locate: can she do it all in time?

Six days remain before the end of everything.

The realms are coming together, and Dravyn is ready to take them all on.

Is Crystal?

The Crystal Dragon saga has reached its epic, unforgettable conclusion.
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