The Storm Below Box Set: The Complete Epic Fantasy Series

The Stormriders approach, certain to leave death and destruction in their wake.
Can one young man find a way to defeat them?
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"The world building is original with lovely characters and lots of action. Strongly recommend it." - ★★★★★ Review

Ten years after his father’s death, the memory of the attack still haunts 19-year-old Ary. On the eve of the draft, he faces his greatest fear: being sent to join the marines.
He knows the cost of war.

Ary dreams of marrying his childhood sweetheart, building a farm, and starting a family. But the Stormriders threat of war puts his loved ones and his plans in jeopardy.
Wishing for peace won’t make it true.

For love, for his people, and for the life he desires, Ary makes a decision that will change everything.
Thus, begins The Storm Below.

This box set contains the COMPLETE Storm Below Saga:
1. Above the Storm
2. Reavers of the Tempest
3. Storm of Tears
4. Golden Darkness Descends
5. Shattered Sunlight

The Storm Below is a beautifully creative fantasy epic. Action-packed, dark, and intense, this fantasy series features characters you are certain to love…and others you will love to hate.


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A teen will do anything it takes to get what he wants, even if he must call upon the gods themselves.

Happily ever afters should be just that: Excited wedding planning, laughs and games with friends, and some magical nonsense. Donny thinks otherwise.

The royals are oblivious to his scheming...until happily ever after is ripped away by pure chaos.

Will Donny find the mayhem he needs to win? Or will the combined efforts of the royals be enough to save the day and put a stop to his madness?

Once Upon An Adventure is part of a fairytale universe - inspirational tales filled with magic, rising hope, and personal discovery. These four separate adventures can be read in any order or each ban be enjoyed independently.

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Once Upon An Adventure

(Fairytale Adventures Book 4)

Mask of Redemption
Book 5 of the Mask of Illumination

Can a nobelwoman-turned-thief rescue her lover from the grasp of a mad queen?

Roidan's civil war has come to a bloody end. King Pharaj's castle has fallen. Before Foonauri could return with a special weapon to change the fortune of battle, her lover was captured by Queen Xiona's forces. Once more Foonauri must don the mask of the thief, Jade.

Foonauri has failed to protect the man she loves, but now she has a chance for redemption. She will need every ally she can gather if she wishes to save Pharaj...even one who is a traitor.

But Jade is reeling from her own emotional scars. An unforgivable betrayal has traumatized the thief. Nightmares and terrors beset her.
How can she save Pharaj when she can't even trust herself?

Can Jade defeat Queen Xiona and steal back the man she loves?

Will she find redemption or failure?

You'll be captivated by this emotional fantasy thriller featuring compelling characters and a constant air of intrigue.


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The Mystics have been revealed to the world. Chaos rages.

The world is at war, pitting humans against Mystics. Humans now know that silver can hurt Mystics, and the danger surrounding Keisuke and his companions is greater than ever.

Across the world, Mystics are captured and thrown into camps to isolate them from human society. Keisuke finds himself in a camp where vampires are interviewed about the history they know.

Except that Keisuke’s secret has returned to haunt him. The camp interrogators question him a mysterious project he’d rather die than reveal. The alternative would expose information that could devastate an already fractured world.

Emelina chooses to do the unthinkable to find Keisuke and bring him back: work for the very agency that hunts down the Mystics.

Can she get to Keisuke before he is forced to reveal what he knows?

Or will he die to take the secret to his grave?


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Shattered Nations
Book 3 of The Mystics