Jewels of Illumination Box Set: Books 1-3

(Illumination Cycle Collection Book 1)

Burdened by regrets, a disgraced guard turns to a magical blade he is reluctant to wield.

Life had gone wrong for Obhin. Once a respected palace guard, now he sells his sword as a bandit. Trapped by his missteps, he little reason for hope...

Until one young woman sees more in him.

Passionate and headstrong, Avena has no patience for bullies. Haunted by her own bleak past, the healer sees in Obhin a chance for escape...a chance for them both.

This misfit pairing must learn to trust each other as they struggle to survive in a city of poverty and vice, for dark sorcerers, underworld crime bosses, and brutal bandits scheme to destroy them.

Can they polish clean their stained souls?

Embark on a fantasy adventure rife with tension, intrigue, and deceit, centered around two flawed characters who find strength in each other, perfect for fans of Brandon Sanderson, Andy Peloquin, or Brent Weeks.

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Included in this box set:

* Diamond Stained - Jewels of Illumination Book One
* Ruby Ruins - Jewels of Illumination Book Two
*Obsidian Mind - Jewels of Illumination Book Three

Other Books in this series:
Emerald Strength - Jewels of Illumination Book Four
Amethyst Shattered - Jewels of Illumination Book Five


Heart of Tunise

(Heart of the Citadel Book 6)

A deranged dragon bent on revenge. A band of children with a taste for steel. Dark magic with underworld connections.

Plantations in the province of Tunise, famed for fertile soils and temperate climate, were an idyllic place to live…until the ascent of Emperor Madrid. One by one, the farms have fallen to the Citadel, the production of food now controlled by a cartel of merchants who answer to Madrid.

The Emperor’s eye has settled on the family of Parisa, the Heartbearer of Tunise. Past failures and future plans have given Madrid a burning desire for revenge – intent on making her pay for rebelling against his rule, for resistance to his will is futile and often deadly.

Citadel armies descend and flames rise as Tunise is put to the torch, including the beloved Oakwood forest, makeshift home to the child refugees of the salt mines of Shadra. A fruit farmer with past grudges against Madrid joins forces with Parisa to break the Citadel’s hold on her home province.

Madrid has his eye on two specific prizes and he will do anything to obtain them.

Even if it means a visit to the underworld.

Heart of Tunise continues the epic Heart of the Citadel saga, featuring heroine dragon riders in a rebellion against a power-hungry tyrant.

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The Power of Conviction

The Light of Darkness Book 1

Darkness creeps across the Midlands. Only the Priesthood can stand against its terrifying presence.


Trained in the arts of the Light, the priests tread a bloodied path through the scores of demons, seeking to rid the world of their unholy presence. The fight against demonkind grows increasingly perilous, threatening the Priesthood’s very survival.


Priestess Anaya stands resolute in her conviction. Despite the dangers she must endure, her faith in the Goddess and Her divine supremacy remains steadfast. She intends to follow the commands of her High Priest, no matter how gruesome.


Then comes a day when all her beliefs are challenged.


A fateful meeting with the elusive demon, Samael, opens the doors to doubt. Anaya begins to question the very foundation of the Priesthood and the preachings of the Goddess.


Could they be wrong about demonkind? Is her purpose in life truly for naught?


The Light of Darkness series is intended for a mature audience, containing sensitive subjects including violence, torture, consequences of sexual abuse, emotional scars, mature language, and steamy scenes.


The Light of Darkness is perfect for readers who enjoy visceral, gripping epic fantasy tales with dark undertones.

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Crystal War

Book 7

Time is up. The Darkness is ready to devour the realms. Is Crystal prepared to sacrifice herself to prevent the end of all she loves?

Dravyn has given Crystal one week to surrender to him, but she has no intention of doing so. She has little time to prepare. Anything could tips the scales as she teeters between victory and defeat.

One brother to redeem, another to find, families to protect, realms to rally, a dragon side to regain, a Queenship to accept, and the ‘god’ of life to locate: can she do it all in time?

Six days remain before the end of everything.

The realms are coming together, and Dravyn is ready to take them all on.

Is Crystal?

The Crystal Dragon saga has reached its epic, unforgettable conclusion.
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Book 6

The Siege of Farshore

The Mad King Tyrial plans to burn Farshore to the ground. Time to stop him or die trying.

Saving an elven city from the Mad King Tyrial's army seemed like a good idea at the time. How was I supposed to know he'd march his army south to destroy my home in revenge? The only thing now standing between Farshore and fiery destruction are a scrappy thief and a misfit band of outcasts stupid enough to stand and fight.

A horde of ravenous monsters would be bad enough, but it turns out things are a different kind of bad inside the city's walls. Farshore has abused its mythic inhabitants for decades. Old hatreds threaten to spill over into a riot of violence and blood. If I can't find a way to make peace between humans and mythics, they'll tear the city apart long before Tyrial's monsters breach the wall.

Outnumbered five to one, I'll need to unleash every dirty trick I know to give us a chance to survive. Even that might not be enough when war spreads through Farshore's streets. My friends and I will fight to our last breath, but peace may carry a price that I'm not ready to pay.

When the dust settles, my life and the city I now call home will never be the same again.

Charity and the Mad King Tyrial battle over the fate of the world in the epic conclusion to the Farshore Chronicles, Volume 1.

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Chronicles of Lorrek

Box Set 3: Books 7-9

Stay a step ahead and out of sight—that's how you survive.

Sorcerer Prince Lorrek is done running. He wants to disappear entirely to protect those back home, but the more he sets in motion, the more chaos he creates
'Find Me If You Can'– Lorrek seeks the only person who can erase him from the Thymord's supercomputer. He's racing the clock as the man he is looking for is scheduled to be put to death.

You're Not Alone – Terrorist attacks on multiple worlds have captured Lorrek's attention. As he digs deeper, he has no idea the true terror he is about to unleash.

This Ends Now'– Everything and everyone returns home—to a world invaded. Now Lorrek must face the horror he has brought to his homeworld and the darkness everyone believes he will become.

For those who seek thrilling, suspensful tales packed wtih magic, intrigue, and emotion, the spectacular conclusion to The Chronicles of Lorrek awaits.

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