Publishing with an edge.

Independent publishing is here to stay, enabling authors to share their stories with readers without bending to the gatekeepers of traditional publishing, those same publishers who offer single-digit royalties and hold book rights hostage for eternity.

However, writing great books does not necessarily equate to sales. Authors who walk the independent path often struggle with reader discovery and feel as if they are a whisper to a scream, their books left to languish with few sales despite glowing reviews.

That's where Fallbrandt Press comes in.

We see the struggle. We know the hardships and have observed first-hand the challenges indie authors face to gain exposure and to achieve strong sales despite their talent.

This is why Fallbrandt is a modern publisher designed to help independent-published authors sell more books, grow their author careers, and make more money.

What makes Fallbrandt Press different?

  • We actively market and promote our authors out of our own pocket. NO expense to the author.

  • We are motivated to grow our authors’ earnings because we don’t make money if the author doesn’t make money.

  • We provide editing, formatting, and cover design services without requiring author investment, those services instead covered by early author’s royalties, similar to a traditional advance. Once the investment is earned-out, the author receives their full share for all future sales.

  • We accept previously published books, ideally in a series of three or more novels.

  • We offer multiple publicity avenues for our authors, including multi-media press, social media channels, ARC team assembly, review requests, and more.

  • Our contracts are based on short, reasonable terms with all rights reverting to the author when the contract expires.


Our authors benefit because we actively market their books to the right readers to gain more sales and stronger read-through with the intent of maximizing profit. We are motivated to do so because we don’t make money if our authors don’t make money. At the same time, we offer in-house publicity support, expanding reader awareness about our authors and the books they produce, something rarely seen outside of traditional publishing houses.

What's the catch?

  • At this time, we only publish speculative fiction in fantasy or sci-fi categories.

  • We are seeking prolific authors who produce three or more books a year or already have a backlist including a series of three or more books.

  • We are focused on authors who have chosen the self-publishing path, produce quality books, but struggle to achieve sales targets.

  • We do not accept raw manuscripts at this time unless the author is already signed with us for another series.

  • We do not accept manuscripts represented by an agent or queried to us.

How to get your book picked up by Fallbrandt Press.

  • Your books must already be published and part of a series of three or more titles.

  • You must have proven yourself as a reasonably prolific writer who produces quality works.

Your series may be nominated to us for review by friends or even the author. To do this, go to the Contact page, type in the book's title, author name, ASIN, and the reason why this book deserves to be known to the world.

No more query letters or writing synopses!

No more waiting six months to a year to even hear back from a publisher!

No more writing and scrapping around to find the money to self-publish only to be defeated when your book doesn’t take off!

With Fallbrandt Press, you get to do what it is you love to do: Write great books. We handle the rest.

Welcome to publishing in the 21st Century!

The People Behind Fallbrandt

Fallbrandt was started by international best selling author, Jeffrey L. Kohanek, and author PR agent, Michael Evan. Marketing is key when it comes to doing well as an author, but many publishing companies won't promote the authors they publish. Seeing the need in the community, Jeff and Michael sought to remedy this by creating Fallbrandt. 

Meet the people behind Fallbrandt.

Jeff Kohanek


Michael Evan


Jeffrey L. Kohanek is an international best selling author, best known for his Runes of Issalia, Wardens of Issalia, and Fate of Wizardoms epic fantasy series.

Jeff grew up in rural Minnesota where comic books sparked his young imagination, inspiring fantasies of heroes with super-powers saving the day. His tastes later evolved to fantasy epics featuring unlikely heroes overcoming impossible odds to save worlds born from the writer’s imagination.

Now residing in southern California, Jeff uses that imagination to weave tales of engaging characters caught in fantastic plots to inspire young adults and the child within us all.

Michael Evan double majored in Psychology/English Literature at York University in Toronto. He ran a live event marketing and promotions company for 15 years. In 2018, he started the Fantasy/Sci-Fi Focus blog, and Facebook Community as well as the Books and Authors Fantasy Podcast alongside bestselling author Jamie Davis


Having noticed how little emphasis is placed on publicity and community engagement by publishers of all sizes, he wanted to bring that element to the table to offer authors a multi-media spotlight and genuine interactive events. 


Michael specializes in providing authors with multi-media press opportunities, as well as growing and nurturing reader communities through review seeking, reader group growth and engagement, and direct audience interaction opportunities.


On a more fun fact, he has read Joyce’s Ulysses twice and champions Finnegan’s Wake as a worthy successor (but still has no idea what James was on about).