A school of magic and invention. An academy of combat excellence. Discoveries await...some, deadly.

"Well written with great characters! 2 siblings looking out for each other in a fast paced story filled with magic, deception, and friendship." - ★★★★★

Everson is mentally gifted, and yet, he feels broken. Cursed with non-functional legs, he dreams of nothing more than being useful.

His sister, Quinn, is brave, relentless, and will do anything to protect her brother.

When Everson is sent to a school of magic and invention, Quinn joins a military academy to remain near him. Hidden danger lurks within the fabled institutions.

Quinn becomes embroiled in a struggle she doesn't understand, one with dire consequences as her training shifts from difficult to deadly. Her relentless determination might help her survive. If she only knew whom she could trust.

Within the other school, Everson studies a dangerous magic known as Chaos. Unable to wield this magic, he melds it with science, dreaming up inventions to reshape the future. His greatest discovery might change the world...or it could destroy everything.

A Warden's Purpose kicks off a fantasy adventure packed full of magic, intrigue, action, and betrayal, perfect for fans of Bella Forrest, Brandon Sanderson, or Leigh Bardugo.

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A Warden's Purpose

Wardens of Issalia Book 1


Would you sell your soul to clear your name?

Wrongfully accused of a heinous crime, Prince Lorrek is among three people who know actually what happened. One died. The memory of the other has been erased.

The surrounding kingdoms dissolve into war, but the sorcerer Lorrek remains apart, determined to clear his name. Even that comes at a price, for his own redemption might destroy his family.

Someday I'll Be Redeemed launches a fantasy/sci-fi series where magic and technology contend against one another, mysteries abound, and difficult choices must be made. If you enjoy compelling characters, unpredictable plots, and new twists of familiar tropes, you will love Kelly Blanchard's page-turning series.

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Someday I'll be Redeemed

Chronicles of Lorrek Book 1


What if you discovered you were part dragon?

I never imagined magic might really exist, despite my ability to shift my eyes to those resembling a dragon. Everyone has weird skills, right? When I was abducted and transported to planet called Zilferia, a wondrous place where magic thrived, my opinion and my entire life changed forever.

I now find myself at the center of an impending war against the Dragon Hunters—a brutal race of people who plan to eradicate every dragon in the seven realms.

The citizens of this realm believe I am their long lost princess, foretold as their savior. If I don't hone my newfound abilities, the lives of millions are doomed. My greatest wish is to return to my real family, and I'll do whatever it takes...even if it requires the use of the very magic that colors my nightmares.

The Crystal Dragon saga is a coming of age fantasy series, packed with your favorite magical creatures—Dragons, Mermaids and Werewolves— and will have you devouring pages, anxiously fighting alongside our heroine, Crystal.

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Crystal Dragon

The Crystal Dragon Saga Book 1


Before I saved the world, I was just a common thief.

My name is Charity. I am a drunk, rabble-rouser, harlot, and blasphemer...according to the magistrate who sentenced me to Farshore, the emperor's new colony across the sea. You'd think stepping off of a prison ship on the ass-end of the world was bad enough, but everyone in Byzantia has heard stories...

The pioneers who first settled in Farshore discovered horrible monsters, wild magic, and mythical creatures -- things we considered mere myth. Instead, those nasties were hiding on the far side of the world, waiting to eat us for lunch.

If I could control my tongue and temper, I might have kept my head down until she figured out which end was up. But how did I spend my first day in Farshore? I assaulted the governor, offended the gods, and got myself sentenced to a bloody arena fight before sundown.

I had survived Byzantia's tangled streets by thinking fast, running faster, and never allowing anyone get close. To survive in Farshore, I realized I needed to do something I had sworn I'd never do again: Trust someone.

The Farshore Chronicles is fast-paced Sword and Sorcery in the tradition of RA Salvatore, David Eddings, and Mercedes Lackey.

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A Thief in Farshore

The Farshore Chronicles Book 1

Heart Of The Citadel Boxset Cover #1-3.p

The Heart of the Citadel

Box Set: Book 1-3

Magic quelled. A throne seized. A realm held captive…Until the crystal bearers return.

"My favorite series by an exceptional author. The characters are well developed and one can empathize with them. She is an award winner for a reason." - ★★★★★ Amazon Review

How Emperor Madrid came into power, none recall.

Perhaps the weakening of magic, combined with the deaths of those who could wield it, created a vacuum, begging to be filled. Perhaps the petty feuding between provinces provided the crack, his ambition forging it into a canyon. Once claimed, Madrid is determined to retain the throne.

His first act as emperor: Crafting a magical barrier to isolate the provinces while consolidating power to the central citadel.
Some are not content to bend to his tyrannical rule.

At the height of the Great Purge, ten crystal heart bearers were snatched away by the very dragons to which they were bonded. These young women hold the key to freeing Gaia from the emperor’s domination.

- Elissa, first chosen to return, nearly dies after colliding with a magical barrier – merely one of many traps the heart bearers and their dragon companions must elude. Elissa must discover how to destroy the barrier or all hope will be lost.

- Shikoba, feisty daughter of tribal Queen Aisha, trained since birth to defend her people, is swept away by her dragon on the eve of her final trials. In a quest to destroy the barrier that isolates her people, she must overcome a legendary creature with a secret to protect. Can this young woman gather the courage to protect all that she loves?

Follow these young heroines as they seek to free Gaia from the emperor's rule.

From award winning author Susan Faw, creator of The Spirit Shield Saga, comes this dragon epic fantasy series, perfect for fans of Lord of the Rings, Eragon, or Ember in the Ashes.

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