TITLE: Indigo Travelers and the Dragon's Blood Sword Book 1

AUTHOR: Merri Halma

GENRE: Fantasy with metaphysical visionary elements

BOOK BLURB: When the giant King Titus declares war on the other inhabitants of Curá, breaking a thousand-year-old treaty, who will wield the great dragon’s sword and remind him of what was once sacrificed for peace? Crow Judge Connor will travel to another world to find the prophesied Indigo Traveler and bring him back to defeat the power-hungry tyrant.Xander is just a kid trying to avoid his bullies at school–and maybe forget about Milo, the childhood best friend who disappeared years ago. He doesn’t know anything about prophecies and griffins, or giant kings or dragon swords. So when Connor and others from the world of Curá arrive seeking his help, Xander is unsure they’ve chosen the right savior.Is he the fabled Indigo Traveler, able to change the heart of the rampaging King Titus and restore the dragon’s peace? Or will Xander’s fear hold him back from the confrontation as much as it keeps him from seeking the truth about Milo?

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