TITLE:  On Borrowed Luck

TITLE: On Borrowed Luck


GENRE: Epic Fantasy

BOOK BLURB: Tatak Rhe: A city known for its wealth and splendor. Proud and ambitious, Kirrin wants a piece of that for himself.

When a narrow escape from a local gang lands him in worse trouble on the estate of a powerful ruler, his choice is simple: serve or die.

Sure he is doomed, he turns his punishment into an opportunity, impressing the lord with his determination and intelligence.

Training under mystic master fighters, Kirrin quickly becomes a deadly instrument. And driven by his ambition, he’s assigned increasingly dangerous crimes to develop his cunning and push him to his limits.

But a simple mission goes terribly wrong and he may be trapped in the evil lord’s bid to fulfill a dark prophecy.

Can Kirrin find a way through the web of power and deceit to save his life?