TITLE:  Shadow of the Queens

TITLE: Shadow of the Queens

AUTHOR: Jonathan M. Lazar

GENRE: Fantasy

BOOK BLURB: At the height of the Shadow War, the Dark Wanderer was at last stopped.

Fourteen years have passed since that day, and an uneasy calm has descended upon the world as it tries to rebuild what was lost.

However as was predicted by the half-Augur Amie, leader of the scientifically-based Techno Imperia, Bastian, once savior to the world of Gehenna has returned.

He awakens with little memory of his past, or the war he started in his quest for power, corrupted by the power of Shadow. Yet, he finds a world still recovering from his actions, fearful of his name, and friends long dead.

Though as memories return and plots are uncovered, Bastian finds his return to the land of the living, may not be all that divine and accidental. Both the Techno Imperia and the New Order are looking to use the former Dark Wanderer for their own agendas and devices to dethrone his daughter, Aerika, and end magic forever.

Why has Bastian returned? Who is pulling the strings that seem to rest in connections with new allies?