TITLE:  Steel and Flame

TITLE: Steel and Flame

AUTHOR: Sergio Leonardo Cornejo

GENRE: anachronistic fantasy (LitRPG)

BOOK BLURB: Steel and Flame is the story of Zeneth of Antua and Ruwa the Red. Two officers working for the Auxiliarii, a guild whose purpose is completing tasks requested by citizens for pay. Part police officers and part adventurers, Auxiliarii have the sole purpose of making the world a better place, while expecting a proper reward in return.

Neutral when dealing with conflicts, and well intentioned, the guild is considered as one of the most reliable forces in the region.

After foiling an attack on their home town, Zeneth and Ruwa embark on a mission to stop those behind the crime, leading to one of the greatest operations ever taken by their guild.

They will join forces with other members of their guild, as well as other reliable allies, to overcome all the impressive challenges on their way. It is the bonds of trust and loyalty encouraged by the Auxiliarii guild which give them an advantage when facing adversity. Strong on their own, united in might.