TITLE:  The Name Of The Bear

TITLE: The Name Of The Bear

AUTHOR: Daryl J Ball

GENRE: Fantasy

BOOK BLURB: Young hunter Mathghamhain is an afterthought in the village of Meadhan. Orphaned like many his age after war all but extinguished the generation past, he eagerly accepts a spirit's guidance to greatness.

Relying on the advice of the spirit, Mathghamhain becomes a beloved Chieftain of great power and wisdom to the villagers of Meadhan, and beyond. While nobly steering his people to a time of sustainable prosperity, he begins to question the honour of the voice heard only inside his head.

As his empathetic leadership teeters dangerously toward the spirit's urge for autocratic rule, Mathghamhain must decide whether his guide is a messenger of divine intervention, or malevolent intention.