TITLE:  The Stone of Four Fires: The Last Regret

TITLE: The Stone of Four Fires: The Last Regret

AUTHOR: Marie Gin

GENRE: Dark Fantasy

BOOK BLURB: In a small village in the middle of France, everyone comes together for a beautiful wedding. But for Elena, the night changes her life forever.

Woken by her mother's screams, the family home is engulfed by fire. But this was no accident. Under attack by creatures of the night, Elena and her best friend Lucas run into the darkness and into the clutches of the immortal Nepheines.

Taken in under their protection, Elena and Lucas discover that their world was at the border of something magical. Located in a castle beyond human reach, they quickly learn that truth had long been turned into myth and legends.

In the Nepheines' quest to find the Stone of Four Fires, Elena must decide whether to join them, or go home and salvage what she can.