TITLE:  We Must Find Her

TITLE: We Must Find Her

AUTHOR: A. R. Harlow

GENRE: Fantasy

BOOK BLURB: What happens if one moment you have everything, and the next, you have nothing?

After his daughter has gone missing, Jackle has tried to remain strong. He's coordinated the search across the universe in search of his daughter, but he grows tired. His wife, Sabine, is depending on him, but the truth is he doesn't know if he will ever find their daughter again.

For Sabine, life has gone black and white with all the color drained out of it with the disappearance of Elslin. While her husband tries to continue to hope, for Sabine, it is hopeless. Their daughter is gone. Any leads they have always lead to a dead end. She's tired of hoping only to lose that hope time and again.

Will Jackle and Sabine find Elslin? And even if they do, can they even be a family again after how much they have changed?

‘We Must Find Her’ is the first book in a fantasy series that blends elements of modern day magic, academies, and a wide universe that uses both technology and many forms of magic to find answers. If you like a story that deals with a universe where magic doesn’t solve every problem, a family that is broken, a school that has more to it than meets the eye, and people who are trying to find hope in hopeless situations, you will love A.R. Harlow’s spellbinding series.

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