TITLE:  What Lies Beneath

TITLE: What Lies Beneath

AUTHOR: Michael R. Lowe

GENRE: Epic Dark Fantasy

BOOK BLURB: Before there can be Order, there must be Khaos.

A man with no memory, a darkness resurface, a tyrant hungry for power. When Arturius wakes into a world he has no memory of, he very soon finds himself thrust into an endless cycle of war, death and Khaos. A company of exiles finds themselves on the perilous journey to seeks out the lost crowns of old and claim the mantle of the Empty Throne before darkness sets in across the realms. Pursued by an entity of twisted life and death, but who is more dangerous, the man or the myth.

In the ancient realm of Xovia lies a secret. A secret lost to the sins of man and beast that shall place the balance of life upon a knife’s edge. For sometimes when you stare deep into the abyss, the abyss stares back. And when the Empty Throne calls for its successor, its song shall not be left untarnished.