TITLE: Axel Lennart and the Ice World

TITLE: Axel Lennart and the Ice World

AUTHOR: DMZ Liyanage

GENRE: Science Fiction/Fantasy

BOOK BLURB: The future of the galaxy hangs in the balance...
On the blustery ice-world of Eleusis, an ancient magic stirs. Tales are whispered of the 'Völvur' - dark sorcerers now long extinct.

Patrol pilot Axel Lennart had never believed in the Völvur. They were a fairytale – a nightmare rumoured to have been wiped out by the harsh Unity Regime, who rules over Eleusis with a strong grip.

But when Axel hears that the Regime is searching for an ancient Völvur artifact buried deep within the ice wastes, he lets his curiosity get the better of him. What Axel doesn’t know is that the Regime aren’t the only ones looking for the artifact...

As strange things start to happen on Eleusis and the ghostly moon of Scarto, Axel vows to find out the truth.

If he can survive long enough to get it…