TITLE: Danarko

TITLE: Danarko

AUTHOR: Maxina Storibrook

GENRE: Sci-Fi Fantasy

BOOK BLURB: Five years after her father's death, Mara Danarko believes everything is going great. Her mother has a wonderful boyfriend, Bryce, and Mara is getting used to small-town life.

Her world is turned upside-down when she comes home one day to find Bryce trying to kill them and an old family friend mysteriously appearing out of nowhere. Injured, Mara passes out only to wake up with a strange new power called Source which supposedly originates thousands of years ago from a biochemical called Voyana.

She has to learn how to harness it before she hurts someone by accident. However, not everyone wants her to master her newfound power.

Will she be able to control her Source in time to keep it from being used against herself and those she cares about?