ISFAB is organized and sponsored by Fallbrandt Press.


Only a hundred (100) books will be accepted and judged until a final one has been declared the winner. The process will take six months. The books will go through four rounds of elimination. They will be judged by their cover, their blurb, and their content. Judges will be given a list of questions and must rank each question on a scale of 1-10 (1 being the worst and 10 being the best). The books with the most points move on to the next round. 

Here are the requirements for submissions:

  • Only 100 books will be accepted

  • One book per author

  • The book must already be published

  • Genre: fantasy, science fiction, cyberpunk, urban fantasy

  • If you are an ISFAB judge or a Fallbrandt author, you cannot submit a book to the competition

  • Books will be distributed to the judges on January 1st, and the first round of the competition will begin

After each round, the Fallbrandt Press website will show which books have been eliminated and which ones have moved on. Readers will be able to click on each book to read about it and where it can be found online as well as see how the judges ranked it and any reviews given to the book by the judges.

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