Joanna White

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Joanna White is a Christian Author and fangirl. Hunter and Shifter are the first two books in her debut series, called the Valiant Series. In December 2019, one of her short stories was featured in Once Upon A Yuletide, a Christmas fairy tale anthology by Divination Publishing. Dark Magi, a prequel in the Republic Chronicles came out in November 2019. Glimpses of Time and Magic, a historical fantasy anthology, also featured one of her stories. She graduated from Full Sail University with a BFA in Creative Writing for Entertainment. Ever since she was ten years old, she's been writing stories and has a deep passion for writing and creating stories, worlds, characters, and plots that readers can immerse themselves in. In 2020, she reached her personal goal of writing a million words in a year. Most of all, Joanna loves God, her family, staying at home, and being a total nerd.

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J. E. Mueller


J. E. Mueller is a midwesterner who was born and raised in IL where she currently resides. Mueller has been described as two penguins in a trenchcoat with a herd of cats ready to help her type like the wind, but in reality she is actually two author penguins in a trench coat who is herded by a clowder of cats. Currently, Mueller is focused on writing all things magical and adores having characters battle curses, tangle with spirits, and face off against wicked family members for a chance at a better ending.

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J.M.D Reid

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J.M.D. Reid has been a long-time fan of Fantasy ever since he read The Hobbit way back in the fourth grade. His head has always been filled with fantastical tales, and he is eager to share the worlds dwelling in his dreams with you.

Reid is long-time resident of the Pacific Northwest in and around the City of Tacoma. The rainy, gloomy atmosphere of Western Washington, combined with the natural beauty of the evergreen forests and the looming Mount Rainier, provides the perfect climate to brew creative worlds and exciting stories!

When he's not writing, Reid enjoys playing video games, playing D&D and listening to amazing music.

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Catrin Russell


Catrin Russell is a Fantasy author from northern Sweden. Her books are all written in English and are mainly part of the Epic and High Fantasy Genre. However, she does use influences from Dark Fantasy, and a touch of Fantasy Romance.


With a background in digital design and holding a degree as a registered nurse, she writes novels in medieval settings, with plenty of action and romance. She often brings moral struggles, or issues in society, into her writing. Another subject that is often highlighted is mental health.


Russell also creates concept art, bringing her characters to life on paper, much of which can be seen on her social media pages!

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Susan FAw

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Susan loves to bring new worlds and fantasy adventures to young adults and inspire them to join her on her make believe journeys. As often as not, you will find a book in one hand a cup of tea in the other. That is, when she is not chasing away the bears that like to visit her northern Ontario home.


Winner of the Dante Rossetti Grand Prize for Best Young Adult Fiction of 2016 (Seer of Souls, Chanticleer Reviews) she is actively crafting stories that sing in your memory.

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Justin Fike

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Justin Fike has been hooked on stories since his grandma first started tucking him in with tales of her life on the South Dakota prairie swimming in his head. He grew up in the Blue Ridge mountains of Virginia and was blessed to have a mother who didn't complain when he came home from the woods covered in mud and burs, and a father who told him the stories that sent him out there in the first place.

He has a Masters in Creative Writing from Oxford University, and he is the author of The Farshore Chronicles, as well as Fire in the Dawn, Book 1 of the Twin Skies Trilogy.

He's a Martial Arts aficionado, a gaming nerd, a classics geek, and a list of other classifications. He lives in Colorado with his amazing wife, Mindy, and a pixie in disguise who allows him to claim her as his daughter at parties.

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Katie Cherry

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Katie Cherry was born in Utah and still resides there, though with a nomadically-inclined husband, that’s likely to change before too long. Wherever they live, he’s happy to stick by her side and even supports her in her writing by deepening worldbuilding, helping Katie chase down any elusive words, checking story continuity, and more.

While fairly new to the career of being an author, having first published in October 2018, Katie has been writing novels since she was thirteen. In the years leading up to her first foray into writing seriously, fantasy books were devoured at a rate nearly alarming to her teachers, librarians, and others. Soon, she found her supply diminishing far too quickly. Now, she creates more fantasy stories that her younger self would have ached to read!

While Katie’s books are family friendly, she doesn’t shy away from having realistic characters with realistic struggles. Themes of depression and anxiety can be found in her main characters, though they certainly don’t let that struggle keep them from accomplishing what they set their minds to! You’ll find a lot of yourself in the characters in Katie’s books, giving you the distinct feeling that YOU are the hero in each adventure.

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Kelly Blanchard


Known as the Muse in the writing community, Kelly Blanchard was born in Texas but lives in Florida with her husband, who is often the one who tries to saves characters lives by convincing Kelly not to kill them. How successful he is--that's up for debate. 


Although stories have always been a major part of her life, Kelly only began writing seriously when she was twelve. She focused on honing her skills and finding her writing style. Later, she attended a community college, studying English. As she earned her degree, she worked as a tutor and a teaching assistant, learning teaching techniques along the way. These days, she uses those techniques as she mentors aspiring writers and encourages them along their way.


Kelly is a huge fantasy fan but also loves science fiction. She has created a massive universe with several series already written and many more planned to write--all in the same universe with familiar characters, and everything is connected. She enjoys the challenge of seeing what exactly happens when you pit medieval magic against high technology, and she seeks to fully explore the shades of gray in all her characters--good and bad. It's quite an adventure for sure.

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