Submission Guidelines

Submission are currently CLOSED

What We're Looking For

  • At this time, we only publish speculative fiction in fantasy or sci-fi categories.

  • We are seeking prolific authors who produce three or more books a year or already have a backlist including a series of three or more books.

  • We are focused on authors who have chosen the self-publishing path, produce quality books, but struggle to achieve sales targets.

  • We do not accept raw manuscripts at this time unless the author is already signed with us for another series.

  • We do not accept manuscripts represented by an agent or queried to us.

How to get your book picked up by Fallbrandt Press.

  • Your books must already be published and part of a series of three or more titles.

  • You must have proven yourself as a reasonably prolific writer who produces quality works.

Your series may be nominated to us for review by friends or even the author. To do this, go to the Contact page, type in the book's title, author name, ASIN, and the reason why this book deserves to be known to the world.

No more query letters or writing synopses!

No more waiting six months to a year to even hear back from a publisher!

No more writing and scrapping around to find the money to self-publish only to be defeated when your book doesn’t take off!

With Fallbrandt Press, you get to do what it is you love to do: Write great books. We handle the rest.

Welcome to publishing in the 21st Century!