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Heart of the Citadel

Heart of the Citadel

Box Set 1 

Books 1-3

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Magic quelled. A throne seized. A realm held captive…Until the crystal bearers return.

"My favorite series by an exceptional author. The characters are well developed and one can empathize with them. She is an award winner for a reason." - ★★★★★ Amazon Review

How Emperor Madrid came into power, none recall.

Perhaps the weakening of magic, combined with the deaths of those who could wield it, created a vacuum, begging to be filled. Perhaps the petty feuding between provinces provided the crack, his ambition forging it into a canyon. Once claimed, Madrid is determined to retain the throne.

His first act as emperor: Crafting a magical barrier to isolate the provinces while consolidating power to the central citadel.
Some are not content to bend to his tyrannical rule.

At the height of the Great Purge, ten crystal heart bearers were snatched away by the very dragons to which they were bonded. These young women hold the key to freeing Gaia from the emperor’s domination.

- Elissa, first chosen to return, nearly dies after colliding with a magical barrier – merely one of many traps the heart bearers and their dragon companions must elude. Elissa must discover how to destroy the barrier or all hope will be lost.

- Shikoba, feisty daughter of tribal Queen Aisha, trained since birth to defend her people, is swept away by her dragon on the eve of her final trials. In a quest to destroy the barrier that isolates her people, she must overcome a legendary creature with a secret to protect. Can this young woman gather the courage to protect all that she loves?

Follow these young heroines as they seek to free Gaia from the emperor's rule.

From award winning author Susan Faw, creator of The Spirit Shield Saga, comes this dragon epic fantasy series, perfect for fans of dragons, magic, and rebellion, perfect for fans of Lord of the Rings, Eragon, or Ember in the Ashes.

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Magic suppressed. Magic exiled. Magic murdered.

During the Great Purge, all magic was destroyed and those who could wield it were driven into exile. From that time on, the world of Gaia churned on in relative peace and prosperity.

When the emperor of the central Citadel suddenly dies, his apprentice takes his place. Benevolent and loved, the new emperor is a benign ruler, bridging the age-old conflicts between the provinces. The citadel is a symbolic as well as a physical barrier to maintaining the fragile peace. However, the brazen kidnapping of ten young women shatters the accord, and the councillors of the provinces gather at the Citadel to demand that justice be served. It is a flame dropped into dry tinder.

Rife with suspicion and hatred, each province accuses its neighbour of treachery. But the emperor has other plans. He alone knows who is responsible for the kidnapping of the young women, and he has no intention of sharing that knowledge. Where magic is involved, there can only be one conqueror. The fight for ultimate control of magic has begun.

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Heart of Destiny

(Heart of the Citadel Book 1)


Heart of Tyr

(Heart of the Citadel Book 2)

Betrayed. Abandoned. Hunted. And I haven't even had breakfast yet.

You get used to betrayal when you grow up an orphan in Byzantia's slums, but a knife in the back from one of my new companions hurt worse than expected. My street rat instincts kept me out of a prison cell, but now I'm alone in an unfamilar city with no one to rely on but myself.

Normally that's how I like it, but nothing is easy when the soul of an ancient elven queen has ahold of your mind and attempts to get you killed at every turn. Worse, we accidentally unleashed an insane archmage who turned the city watch into his own personal army. Their goal: Hunt down yours truly.

I'm no hero, but the fate of an entire city somehow landed on my shoulders. I'll have to gather the few friends I trust and figure out how to stop a Mad King fueld by a lust for conquest. If we fail, all of Farshore will crumble to his might.

The Farshore Chronicles is fast-paced Sword and Sorcery in the tradition of RA Salvatore, David Eddings, and Mercedes Lackey. If you enjoy action, adventure, humor, and compelling characters set in a magical world, you will love this fantasy series.

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Heart of Shadra

(Heart of the Citadel Book 3)


A gritty rebel with dangerous ties. A secretive mine that buries the truth. A handful of ancient bones with dark origins.

Shikoba, feisty daughter of the tribal queen Aisha, has been trained since birth to defend her people. On the cusp of her final trials, she is swept away by a dragon and a Djinn shapeshifter. Bearer of a crystal heart, Shikoba has been marked to free her people from the tyranny of Emperor Madrid.

Shikoba is tasked with the destruction of the barrier that isolates her people from the other provinces, but an ancient evil stands between her and their freedom. Existing only in legend, the Naga is a fierce creature of magic and myth with a secret of its own to protect.

Can one young woman gather the courage to protect all that she loves? The cost will be bitter - her death in the sacred salt mines of Shadra.

Only the spirits of the ancestors can say for sure, who will prevail.

From award winning author Susan Faw, creator of The Spirit Shield Saga, comes this dragon epic fantasy series, perfect for fans of dragons, magic, and rebellion.


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Heart of Bastion

(Heart of the Citadel Book 4)

A mysterious prisoner, long forgotten. A sly trap is sprung with terrifying consequences. Ancient blood ties of horrifying significance.

Kara, heart bearer of Bastion, returns to Gaia to begin her mission. Aided by her djinn Dragonmerger, Chryso and a feisty dragon named Beryl, she embarks on a journey into the core of the emperor's dangerous stronghold.

Her quest to bring down the barrier is overshadowed by her mother’s urgent plea to free a man imprisoned within the citadel’s stone walls. It does not take long before Kara is confronted by her brother Jasper, a wizard who has sworn allegiance to the Emperor. Convinced of his loyalty to her family, she places her life in his hands, enlisting his help to free the captive.

Lines blur as loyalties are tested, for the emperor sees all. They are pawns in a larger scheme, orchestrated by Madrid, and their plans are doomed to fail.

Yet hope remains, while hearts are pure, for there is one who has the power to defeat the emperor.

From award winning author Susan Faw, creator of The Spirit Shield Saga, comes this dragon epic fantasy series, perfect for fans of dragons, magic, and rebellion.

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Heart of Fjord

(Heart of the Citadel Book 5)

A bewitching troll queen. A wizard with no memory. A mysterious gateway to hidden realms.

The Wildmen of Wydra cross the spine of the world and enter the realm of the Klippe Av Nattmara, the invasion triggering the elusive Huldras to brutally defend their home.

The Fjordian rebels gather their scattered members into a newly formed army. Trapped between the advancing invaders, and their sworn mission of freeing of their people from the cruel grip of the emperor, the rebels are one step away from slaughter.

Dropped into this expanding warzone is Heartbearer Beatrix and triad-bond mates Goshen and Zircon, who’s mission it is, to destroy the barrier node buried deep under Emperor Madrid’s main factory.

The all-seeing emperorlays a clever trap for his sworn enemy, the witch.
Will Beatrix discover Madrid’s plan in time? Or is she fated to sacrifice her life to the greater good?

From award winning author Susan Faw, creator of The Spirit Shield Saga, comes this dragon epic fantasy series, perfect for fans of dragons, magic, and rebellion.

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Heart of Tunise

(Heart of the Citadel Book 6)


A deranged dragon bent on revenge. A band of children with a taste for steel. Dark magic with underworld connections.

Plantations in the province of Tunise, famed for fertile soils and temperate climate, were an idyllic place to live…until the ascent of Emperor Madrid. One by one, the farms have fallen to the Citadel, the production of food now controlled by a cartel of merchants who answer to Madrid.

The Emperor’s eye has settled on the family of Parisa, the Heartbearer of Tunise. Past failures and future plans have given Madrid a burning desire for revenge – intent on making her pay for rebelling against his rule, for resistance to his will is futile and often deadly.

Citadel armies descend and flames rise as Tunise is put to the torch, including the beloved Oakwood forest, makeshift home to the child refugees of the salt mines of Shadra. A fruit farmer with past grudges against Madrid joins forces with Parisa to break the Citadel’s hold on her home province.

Madrid has his eye on two specific prizes and he will do anything to obtain them.

Even if it means a visit to the underworld.

Heart of Tunise continues the epic Heart of the Citadel saga, featuring heroine dragon riders in a rebellion against a power-hungry tyrant.

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